Leonids 2001

Leonid Summary 2001

Last update Dec. 5. 2001
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54 reports arrived so far

Just one word: There was a fine peak in Europe in 2001. Even that the "experts" said we aint see nothing over here. It was more or less a fireball event, not much like the 1998 event but pretty nice though.

Reports, logs, moans, groans and gripes:



Jason, KG4MBH:I went into this shower needing 8 more grids on 144mhz for VUCC!
I started operating this AM around 09:30 utc and now a little after 18:00utc.  I'm not hearing anything else (A few pings).
The shower was very intense ! Good bursts to long to count! I even made a one minute QSO with Brian N0VSB DM79 (1093 miles). Here is the breakdown: Dups and tropo contacts not included.
On 144mhz :
106 contacts
58 grids {total}
38 "New grids"
several new states (might take a while to work out number of states)

Miguel, EA4BAS:
18/11/2001 06:16 CT1DYA IM58KR 59 59 SSB 529
18/11/2001 06:19 HB9BZA JN36BE 59 59 SSB 995
18/11/2001 06:21 DF8IK JO30JT 59 59 SSB 1391
18/11/2001 06:45 DL1GNM JN38WB 59 59 SSB 1227
18/11/2001 06:45 DB5WC JN49EJ 59 59 SSB 1352
18/11/2001 06:45 DK3BU JO33NO 59 59 SSB 1658
18/11/2001 06:45 EA3DXU JN11CM 59 59 SSB 482
18/11/2001 06:48 DD0VF JO61VA 59 59 SSB 1766
18/11/2001 07:11 DF0CI JO51 59 59 SSB 1651+-
18/11/2001 07:11 PE1CLH 59 59 SSB
18/11/2001 08:06 DM4WDK JO50OI 59 59 SSB 1576
18/11/2001 08:06 I4XCC JN63GV 59 SSB 1362
18/11/2001 08:10 DL2ARD JO60DQ 59 59 SSB 1659
18/11/2001 08:20 HG3LS 59 59 SSB
18/11/2001 08:21 9A2AD JN85EL 59 SSB 1694
18/11/2001 08:42 GM4JJJ IO86GB 59 59 SSB 1732
18/11/2001 09:41 TA3ECU 59 59 SSB
18/11/2001 09:52 ON7CL JO20JV 59 59 SSB 1318
18/11/2001 09:54 OE5KE JN78DF 59 59 SSB 1642

Jens, DH0LS:
0422 RV3IG 59/59 KO87
0435 RK1AS 59/59 KO59fx
0444 UR5LX 59/59 KO70wk
0512 F4ARU 59/59 IN94
0525 RZ1AP 59/59 KO49
0538 SM2CKR 59/59 KP03dq
0618 LY2BIL 59/59 KO24pq
0622 YO3JW 59/59 KN34
0626 YO3FFF 59/59 KN24 (/p)
0645 LZ1QI? 55/59
0702 OH1XT 27/59 KP01uk
0802 RN6MT 59/59 KN97ms
0829 G4ZTR 57/59 JO01 (ant to 090-backscatter)
1027 F6FHP 59/59 IN94tr
1035 GI6ATZ 59/59 IO74aj

Roberto, IW2DVK:
08.17 LA6MV 59-59 C RND SSB JO59
08.38 PA3FOC 39-59 C RND SSB JO21
09.03 F6CRP 39-59 C RND SSB IN96
09.29 F5FLN 59-59 C RND SSB IN94
09.58 G1SWH 59-59 C RND SSB IO83
10.10 HA8UG 59-59 NC RND SSB
10.38 G4ASR 59-59 C RND SSB IO81
10.58 EI2CA 59-59 C RND SSB IO62
hrd PE1HWO, GM4JJJ, GM4YXI, G4RRA, HA2SX, G4ZTR, DL1EJA, LA0BY/P, GW4VEQ, G4KWQ, EI9IB, SM1A, F4ARU and many others but the didn't copy me. I have had only 3 hours to spent for Leonids.

Hervé, F5HRY:
Very good shower this year. IMO, better than the 2 last previous ones. I worked only 16 stations, but I was only seeking new ones or long distance QSOs. I also live in a  dense area (nr Paris), with people calling more than listening ...
Hrd over 2000 km : OH1XT, SM2CKR, RX1AS and others I did not write down
Max 08z + 10z.
I need locators of the following :
9A2PT, LY2SA (KO24?), LY2BIL(KO24?), ES2RJ, S57EA, SM0EPX (JO99?), LY3ED, LA5KO, OZ1FDH (JO65?), SM5FRH (JO77?) and SM4IVE (JO79?).

Doug, VK3UM:
We in VK rarely anything like the effects of a meteor shower as is seen in the Northern Hemisphere.  Generally, at best, we are lucky to realise 25% of what is experienced in the Northern Hemisphere. Many if not most showers have little effect down under!.

Today it was different! Predicted to peak between 1700 - 1800 UTC (0400 - 0500 local) the experts seemingly got it right. Visually speaking, we were blessed with a clear crisp sky, and from this QTH with its 360° views, the display was brilliant. Not the 1000's per hour that you read about but, at its peak, we were seeing approximately 2 extremely bright trails in a 5 second period. Some of the trails were clearly visible for several minutes.

Radio wise some bursts went for up to 6 minutes. VK participation was very good given our population.
From this QTH I worked 31 stations in VK1,VK2,(VK3),VK4,VK5 and VK7. (all ssb 144)
and included the following (for VK interest) VK2DVZ,VK1VP,VK4TZL,VK4AFL,VK2TQP,VK2EI,VK4LC,VK4OE,VK2FLR,VK4BLK,
I have heard of an unconfirmed report that VK2 - ZL worked (as should be possible) but they were not heard in VK3.
No VK6's were heard in the Eastern States nor was a VK8 active. Aurora was evident for a ¼ hour or so just before our local dawn.
Doug (VK3UM)
Toralf, DJ8MS:
17/11/2001 08:00 OH8K KP23 27 27 CW 27 r27 1304+-
17/11/2001 09:00 OH3KLJ KP21 27 27 CW WSJT 1143+-
17/11/2001 10:45 LZ5UV KN12PR 26 27 CW WSJT RANDO 1476
17/11/2001 17:00 RA3DQT KO95HI 26 27 CW r26 27 1700
17/11/2001 18:00 ES1RF KO29IJ 26 26 CW WSJT 982
17/11/2001 19:00 EI4IX IO53HV 26 27 CW WSJT 1410
18/11/2001 05:58 ES2RJ KO29JM 59 59 SSB 144.193 994
18/11/2001 06:00 EU6MS KO45IN 48 48 CW 1075
18/11/2001 06:02 RX1AS KO59FX 59 59 SSB 1296
18/11/2001 06:43 RA3QTT LO01GQ 59 59 SSB 1908
18/11/2001 06:44 OH1XT KP01UK 59 59 SSB 1017
18/11/2001 06:46 HA8CE KN06EN 59 37 SSB 992
18/11/2001 06:50 RZ1AP KO49VW 59 59 SSB 1261
18/11/2001 06:54 IK1MTZ JN35UB 59 59 SSB 1025
18/11/2001 07:00 EA6VQ JM19MP 48 36 CW WSJT 1719
18/11/2001 07:13 SM2CKR KP03 59 59 SSB 1191+-
18/11/2001 07:20 SP7EXY KO00 59 48 SSB 704+-
18/11/2001 07:27 UT5VD KN68 59 59 SSB 1560+-
18/11/2001 07:31 YO3DMU KN34BJ 59 59 SSB 1452
18/11/2001 07:32 YO8DDP KN36 59 59 SSB yo8dpp? 1327+-
18/11/2001 07:35 HA1BC JN87PU 59 59 SSB 752
18/11/2001 07:39 G0XDI IO91RP 59 55 SSB 890
18/11/2001 07:42 9A2KK JN85KV 59 59 SSB 144.207 ca 941
18/11/2001 07:49 LZ2CC KN23JG 59 37 SSB 1489
18/11/2001 08:03 SM3VAC JP83VA 599 599 CW 1073
18/11/2001 08:05 UA3DCC KO85 59 59 SSB 1599+-
18/11/2001 08:10 F8CED IN87 59 55 SSB loc ? 1273+-
18/11/2001 08:26 F6CRP IN96KE 59 27 SSB 1271
18/11/2001 08:35 ES2NA KO29JL 59 59 SSB 991
18/11/2001 08:38 UT5ER KN78ER 59 59 SSB 1634
18/11/2001 08:41 RN6MT KN97MS 59 59 SSB 1987
18/11/2001 08:43 US5WU KO20DI 59 59 SSB call ? 144 909
18/11/2001 08:59 F6HVK JN27LH 59 59 SSB 885
18/11/2001 09:49 F4ARU IN94VT 59 59 SSB 1342
18/11/2001 09:53 F1DUZ IN97NJ 59 59 SSB 1163
18/11/2001 09:58 EA3DXU JN11CM 59 59 SSB 1555
18/11/2001 10:05 F5HGO 59 57 SSB call ??? 1
18/11/2001 10:15 F6FHP IN94TR 59 59 SSB 1357
18/11/2001 10:31 GM3POI IO88MI 59 59 SSB 1064
18/11/2001 10:41 TK5EP JN41IW 59 59 SSB 1345
18/11/2001 10:54 G4RRA IO91OF 59 59 SSB 923
18/11/2001 10:57 EA1DDU IN73FM 59 59 SSB 1725
Zbynek, OK2PIN:
I did not plan to participate in the Leonids this year. But as the shower lasted for the Sunday's morning, we (OK2KJT) worked some nice MS DXes during the OK Activity Contest at 8-11 UTC. That was much more difficult to complete a contest QSO when an exchange code is longer than an MS "roger 39 break". We loosed a lot of stations that we rejected due to non-completed contest exchange, however for an ordinary MS QSO that would be enough. As a "side effect" of contesting, I consider our result pretty good ..HI..
Working conditions: TCVR R2CW, PA 500W, ant 100 el. group (2x16, 4x9, 4x4, 4x4 el.), locator JN99AJ, 700 m ASL.
Log of completed MS QSO in the contest: (Hope there are not many mistakes in calls and locators…)

Szigy, YO2IS:
Hello from KN05ps, yesterday we had a fantastic show, again the savant prediction was wrong: "no Leonids for Europe"...When YO4RXX asked me on HF about the Leonids-2001 I told him "switch on your radios and keep watching". The '99 "show" was nothing compared to this one. As usual was unable to wakeup in time, but at 07.00UTC was finaly at my radios. It sounded like 20m when West Coast stations with auroral tones are comming into Europe. Was beaming as normal to my only free "take-off" AZ 330 degrees. Decided to stay on 50MHz despite the strong reflections on 144.2Mhz. Signals in the range S1 to S9, several times the big guns produced up to 20db over nine and signals like via Es. Not moving the antena got contacts everywhere in EU, from UT to GW and IT9 to OH, closest beeing YO5BRZ, YO7VS and by surprise Z32ZM, hard to find from KN05ps. Europe was also busy on SSB with XV3AA via F2 and others from far East. My last QSO was at 12.10 with IN3JJI, then
had to move to the nearby room for lunch, hi !...was leaving the radio ON, tuned to 50.110.
This was a good decision because at 14.00 UTC started my bigest 6m opening  into the states since am active on this band (1983, 6 to 10m crossband!).  KF4DGS from EM53 was 59 plus on ssb on .110, but was never able to get him because the huge West-EU pile-up. Have worked stations located close to the line which goes from FM06 towards EM10. Best was KC5TVI in EM53, CWNR for two hours W6JKV/5 in EM10. Signals faded out around 16.00UTC when we was already in darkness. Have seen active on six many of the familiar EME calls like:  K1WHS, W5UN, G3SEK, K5JL, W7GJ, WA4NJP, G0RUZ and others. Sure it was a day to remember, a nice gift for many hams who are QRV only on weekends, a BIG SHOW, we never know when it will happen again. And dont forget to QSLL, many of us, "old fashioned", still like the "hard" QSL-card.
Marius, F8DO:
We had really a fantastic leonid shower 18-11 from 4h till 11h TU On 144200 all Europe was on.It'ssound like 14Mhz a contest day. Very difficult to hear a guy in piles up. Many stations answered at same time on the frequency with same report...
My sincere apologies for not answer sometimes. Shower was comparable at 1998 but appears at right hours... Burst were very long and relayed by a constant ionisation of E layer. For me that remembers 1965 and 1966 except at that time there had not so much stations...No doubt there has progress. Hope to be alive in 33 years for my third maximum ....HI
Had a great time working the Leonids, have not worked meteors sence the mid 80s when I was chaseing states and never heard anything like this. the band was full from 144.180 to .220 and .200 was a mad house. I thought I would be in front of the radio for an hour or so, wrong, I started at 0900 and finished at 1900 Z.
Made 66 QSOs all random on ssb
24 states
52 grids
4 VEs
best DX was EL29 to FN13 2238 Km
Dave GM4JJJ:
The band was full in EU, from 144.150 to 400 :-) As usual.200 was crazy here.
It was amazing to find that in the midst of all of this there were folks that seemed unaware that there was this fantastic propagation going on - I could hear locals talking amongst themselves both in the UK and the
continent. I assume that the RSGB morning news broadcast on 144.250 was well received around the continent :-)
There seemed to be a contest on in OK, because I worked a number of stations there who wanted to exchange contest serial numbers and grids as well as reports! - Great fun. One new DXCC for me - IS0.
Steffen, DD0VF:
Hello frm JO61, that was realy an great event!
In my opinion the number of bursts was not that of the leonids 1998, but much much better than 1999 and 2000. I realized with satisfaction the wrong prognose "sharp peak". Here it did start with big bursts at 0130z. The most bursts i hrd between 0610z and 0710z. Longest duration was by I8MPO (who else hi...) with a bit more than 6min continuos copy S3-9 and he came up agn after a few sec with the next long burst.
(1998 i hrd a SV1 continuos for appr. half an hour).
The strongest was RX1AS, he was much over S9, followed by SM2CKR and G7RAU, EA3DXU, I8MPO.
Unfortunatly some problems with a stn not so far from here - he called cq without any periods.
Also problems with an other local stn - he send his call 5 times as an minimum after he hrd a burst.
So i count only 38 complete qso, but i did not call everbody i hrd and called cq a just few min.
I hrd poor qso technique as every year, most stns in my area answers a cq with the own callsign only.
I was happy to find some stns up and down of 144.200, (especial my good old friend F5DE on .192) but
the spains almost hanging on .300, so i hrd EA9 only once(>2200km).
I did check GB3NGI and EA6VHF beacons and hrd a lot bursts up to appr. 2min - check my homepage for the (shorted) audio clip.
Guy, DL8EBW:
Hallo dear meteorscatter friends, after the great show, i found a bit time to make an overview
about my qsos from here. I believe it was really one of the better Leonids I have seen in past 20 years!
If you interested in a view of ms reflection from CH R1  on 18-11-01 in the time of 04-08UT, pse drop me a short mail and I send you a 200kb jpg file - impressiv!!!
Have a good time and hope to see each other next shower!
1137-1157 OH8K KP23 27 R27 6 5 1.0 C-Rdm HSCW
2000-2130 CS6ARC IM59 R27 26 3 - 0.2 NC WSJT
0300 SP8UFT KO11 29 R29 1 90 C-Rdm SSB
0312 UR5LX KO70 R29 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0319 HA8MV KN06 R28 57 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0346 SM1A JO97 59 R59 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0350 OH5LK KP30 38 R39 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
0356 G0XDI IO91 R39 39 1 30 C-Rdm SSB*2
0407 ES2RJ KO29 39 R39 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0448 F4ARU IN94 37 R59 1 30 C?Rdm SSB
0502 T94KU JN94 39 R59 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0505 LZ2FO KN13 R27 27 1 20 C-Rdm SSB*4
0505 YO3JW KN34 38 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB*4
0527 I4XCC JN63 39 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0528 I8MPO JN70 39 R29 1 90 C-Rdm SSB
0529 LY2BIL KO24 59 R59 1 120 C-Rdm SSB
0532 SM3VAC JP83 R39 39 1 30 C-Rdm SSB*4
0533 SM2CKR KP03 39 R59 1 25 C?Rdm SSB*4
0535 RX1AS KO59 R39 59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0544 UT8AL KO61 R37 R37 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0544 YO3DMU KN34 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0550 LY2SA KO14 39 R39 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
0554 GI6ATZ IO74 R39 59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB*2
0602 OK1VT JN79 R39 59 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0603 ES2CM KO29 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0604 RA3DQT KO95 R59 59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB*3
0648 RZ1AP KO49 R59 59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0721 OH1XT KP01 39 R39 1 40 C-Rdm SSB
0723 LZ1QI KN12 39 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0724 YO3FFF/p KN24 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0731 UT5VD KN68 R59 R59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB
0744 OK1YA JN79 39 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
0750 SM4HFI JP70 39 R59 1 50 C-Rdm SSB
0757 LA5KO JO59 39 R37 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
0834 LY3ED KO14 R59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0834 ES5PC KO38 R59 59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0835 OH1HSC KP10 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0837 OH6PA KP02 29 R27 1 25 C-Rdm SSB
0839 SM2CKR KP03 R59 59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0841 OH4EA KP32 R59 59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
0842 HA8MV KN06 R59 59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
0852 SM0EJY JO89 59 R59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB
0853 ES2QH KO29 R59 R59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB
0937 F5FLN IN94 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
0939 EA1DDU IN73 39 R59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB
0942 EB4ENN IN70 R59 59 1 75 C-Rdm SSB
0953 GM3POI IO88 39 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
1005 IZ5EME JN52 39 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
1006 T94DU JN95 R59 59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB*4
1006 S57EA JN76 R59 59 1 45 C-Rdm SSB*4
1011 HA0MK KN08 39 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB*4
1011 9A2AE JN86 R59 59 1 50 C-Rdm SSB*4
1011 YU1IO KN04 R59 59 1 50 C-Rdm SSB*4
1012 RU1AA KP40 R59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
1018 RK3AF KO85 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB
1019 OK2MWR JN99 R39 55 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
1020 LY2MW KO24 59 R59 1 40 C-Rdm SSB*4
1021 EW1RZ KO33 59 R59 1 60 C-Rdm SSB*4
1023 YU7ON KN04 39 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
1032 OE3FVU JN78 39 R59 1 30 C-Rdm SSB
1035 UT5ER KN78 R39 59 1 90 C-Rdm SSB
Remarks: *1 Sidescatter 15° (over JN24-SQR) *2 Side-Backscatter @90°
*3 longest wkd QRB (2122km) these shower and new SQR!
*4 all these stations worked in one big burst
only listened above COMPLETE QSOs - down these lines are heard  stations and/or NC QSOs which i got the total call info:  9A1CAL 9A2PT 9A2RD 9A3FT EA3DXU EA7GTF EA9AI EA9IB EI2CA EI5FK ES2WX F6FHP G4ASR GM4YXI HA1BC HA5OV HA5PT HA6ZB HA8CE IK0BZY IK1MTZ IK1PAG IK2YXK IS0SWW IW5DAN IZ2DJP? IZ4BEH LA0BY/p LA2AB LY2BAW LY2FR LZ2CC OE5KE OH1LT OH7HDU OH8K OM3WBC OZ2TF RA3DQ RA3QTT(2360km!!!) RW3PF SM0EPX SM1LPU SM1SBI SM3KJO? SM5FRH SM5IVE SP2MKO SQ9PM TK5EP UX0FF  YO5BID YO5BWD YU7BCL and so on... and of course lots of paper with useless prefixes/suffixes gone to the paperbasket..... Shower was much better than expected at my side! Had nearly such an event as in 1998/9! Found a real peak with duration of 2-3 minutes btw 0400-1030UT. Abt 08-10UT sometimes it sounds like ES at these side and the bands "looked" open for 5-6 minutes... the second peak gave some good bursts, but not any real spectacular things anymore at my qth - lets wait for next shower...
John, NE0P:
I am at a loss of words to describe the meteor storm yesterday. That exceeded my wildest expectations. I
am fairly new to MS communications, with having a handful of QSOs on 6 meter MS during previous showers. I have been using WSJT recently on 2, but thing that SSB was working just as good yesterday-and probably quicker. Most QSOs were random here also.

Worked 16 new states here from Oklahoma, which were:
NV, NM, UT, IA, SD, AR, NC, SC, NJ, NY, MD, PA, IL, TN, VA, and AL. ALso worked GA, OH, IN, MN, KS, TX,
OK, MI, and MO and ON and MB for Canada. Then worked LA and ND last night on WSJT for new states. Probably worked about 25-30 new grids yesterday during the shower.
I have heard nothing like that on 2 meters before in my life. In terms on distances and number of stations
it beat some of the best AU that I have been in on.  The "Second Peak" around 1400-1800Z seemed even better for some of the long haul QSOs on 2. It was really neat to hear the band die briefly, and then erupt
again on 144.2 with QSOs going on. There were probably too many people on the calling freq, but
during the later part of the shower, the rocks were not as consistant, so I kind of listened there for
when they did show up. I did try 432 contacts with some of the louder stations on 2, but with no luck.
Might have even had a bit of tropo here as W8MIL in michigan was solid copy here for 5 to 10 minutes-that
would have been one heck of a rock. During the middle of the shower, a phone call from Jim, WH6LR alerted me to the EU opening we had on 6, and picked up three F stations for my first EU ever on 6 meters. Also added 2 VO1 stations. Topped it off with KL7HBK yesterday afternoon on 6.
IT will be quite a while before I forgot the past 24 hours VHFwise. Can only hope to get another shower
like that someday-MAYBE next year for the Leonids (what are predictions saying?)
Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I am sure that many people went over VUCC level yesterday.
Enrico, IK0BZY:
I completely missed the EU peak ... :-((((
I was on from 20ut 17/11 up to 0450ut 18/11 and again 08ut 18/11 up to 1300ut 18/11 BTW on the second part I could make some 35 random QSO most of them during very long reflections up to 2 minute.
I could make many more QSO but at times it was very difficult to hear callsigns due to very high number of hams on 200. Though I was not QRV between 05-08ut, by the comments I read on MS reflectors I think that 01's leonids conditions are not comparable with those of  98's leonids (at least for Europe). That time , I do remember as well as most of EU Vhfers do, there was the full SSB portion filled by stations calling dx,
and you could not even detect how many reflections there were because it was  a continuos single reflection going up and down...........and this for hours.
However my results are: 52 QSOs, 1 new square, no new prefix (I was looking for YL) ODX GM4YXI 2010Km ...not too bad this one because I 'm still using single 6el yagi (haven't built new system yet)
I also made some Very Low Power (5W) WSJT attempts but I took skeds in  wrong times therefore I only got some reflections but didn't complete. About the use of WSJT during the peak I am convinced that SSB is still the most efficient mode to make as much qsos as possible !!!!!! Try to deny it if you can! :-)