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May 31. 2003 - Rock solid in southeast | Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

Early in the morning MUF was rising very fast above Aegean Sea and the northwest coast of Turkey. At 07.20 HA was reporting BC from OD5 and 4X4 and at 07.50 144 opened from 4X4 to LZ, YO, HA. OD5/OK1MU was on the road south of Beirut, stopped his car and went back fast. Good idea cause 144 was still open when he arrived in his shack at 09:50 UT. Later he was working into YU and T94 while 4X4 was into 9A, HA, YO, YU and LZ. Band closed at 10:26 UT.
Involved DXCC: 4X4, OD5, LZ, YO, 9A, YU

144 MHz Es May 31. 2003

Logs and reports:

HA5TS, JN97ll
0806z 4Z5FT 59/59 KM72
also hrd 4X1IF briefly on cwm FT-225RD,25W ant. 8-ele.

LZ1ZP, KN22id
09.49 4Z5FT 59/59 KM72

LZ2TU, KN13sf
07:55 4X4IF KM72 599/559

LZ3NY, KN12qq
0954 4Z5FT 59/59 KM72MT
FT-290RII Pwr: 25W ant: 15el DJ9BV

YU7EW, KN05hp
07.49 4X1IF 59 --
08.09 4Z5FT 59 59 KM72MT 1884 km
09.54 4X1IF 59 59 KM72KD 1935 km
10.08 4X1MH 59 59 KM72LT 1880 km
Long and strong Sporadic E, but not activity. HRD mni station on FM chanels but no possibility for QSO (sri language and ops. radioamater?) on 144.640 station from El Kahira (Kairo SU?). Also station frm SV9? or 5B4 on FM and AM sri for mni new squares and QSOs HI HI HI
73 frm Pista YU7EW

OD5/OK1MU, KM73st
10:15 UTC YU1EV from KN04CN, QRB 1775km, FQ 144300
10:16 UTC T94DU from JN95DA, QRB 1928km, FQ 144300 / first QSO on 144 MHZ OD-T9 hihi/
Many thanks for your today phone and SMS info ! Is fantastic help for me ! Also thanks for SMS info abt today Es to my phone from SV1BTR, OK1TEH and OK1MCS !
Im very sorry, because Im today morning in my car, abt 50km near Beirut / Beqaa some km near YK.. hi/. After your phone Im go back to Beirut, but Im start QRV abt 09.50 UTC - not any signal on 144 MHZ - grrr...
Not any more CALL, not any LZ or HA QSO /!!/, only today this two contact on two meters... Last time Im HRD weak CQ from YU1EV at abt 10:23 UTC.
Im very sorry, because SURE if Im QRV 08.00 - 09.30 possible today QSO also with HA and many LZ - but Im very happy also for this two todays QSO - and if not your phones and ALL SMS, this QSO is realy not possible - again many thanks for BIG help !!!!
[Your welcome, dr Pavel! Ed.]

LZ3NY with 4Z5FT

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